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About Arte del Dúo

An intimate collaboration between two veteran musicians. An artful coalescence of genres ranging from jazz to classical to the traditional sounds of Latin America. The musical expression of two people doing their best to live mindfully. The culmination of a personal and professional partnership that spans the past 35 years.

Vocalist/composer Mili Bermejo and bassist Dan Greenspan’s Arte del Dúo project is all of these things and more.

The pair has worked together in one form or another since the day they met at a jam session in 1981. Both were Boston-based students at the time—Mili, the recently arrived Berklee freshman and member of a prominent Mexican family of musicians, and Dan, a classical-cellist-turned-jazz-bassist, come to study at NEC with Miroslav Vitous.

In the decades that followed, they created what the esteemed jazz writer Bob Blumenthal calls “a library of timeless music with a number of cherished partners” including Bruce Barth, Gary Chaffee, Eugene Friesen, Mick Goodrick, Bertram Lehman, Claudio Ragazzi, Tim Ray, Bert Seager and George Schuller among many others.   

But the beating heart of all those ensembles, concerts and recordings was the singular connection between Mili and Dan, which has not only contrasted, sustained and inspired them in their life as husband and wife, but also created countless moments of beauty on stage during their prolific yet rarely recorded work as a duo.

“The lingering memory of this brilliantly skilled and totally compatible couple is likely to be the moments when they stand alone,” Blumenthal adds. “This makes the October 2016 release of Arte del Dúo (Ediciones Pentagrama), their first all-duo program in two decades, one of the year’s major events."

Honed for more than a year during their ongoing monthly residency at Lilypad Inman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this new book of 12 songs is inspired by everything from historic poetry to the beauty all around them at their homestead in rural New Hampshire to the compositions of friends such as Hafez Modirzadeh and Vardan Ovsepian.

Simple and beautiful, yet innovative and nearly impossible to categorize, the music created by Arte del Dúo blends not just one musician and one voice, but old and new, sound and space, traditional and modern, and the exotic with the familiar, as well as all the love, laughter and loss that can only come from a lifetime spent together.

Listen to, and share, all 12 of our new tracks via SoundCloud

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