Arte Del Duo CD

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Arte Del Duo CD


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Mili Bermejo and Dan Greenspan’s latest project, Arte del Dúo, is the culmination of a musical partnership that marks its 35th anniversary in 2016. This varied collection of 12 songs, specially crafted for the pair's intimate and original combination of voice and double bass, was honed for more than a year in front of live audiences at its monthly residency at Lilypad Inman. The result, documented on this self-titled CD for the Ediciones Pentagrama label by noted engineer Antonio Oliart in the renowned Fraser Performance Studio at WGBH in Boston, is the pair’s first all-duo recording in two decades, leading esteemed jazz writer Bob Blumenthal to call it “one of the year’s major events."

Track Listing:

01. Los que se Aman (Mili Bermejo, SESAC) 3:45
02. La Casa del Árbol (Mili Bermejo, SESAC) 3:58
03. Las Orillas del Mar (Hafez Modirzadeh, BMI) 6:08
04. Equipaje (Juan Quintero, Imaginary South) 2:20
05. Tres Veces Heroica (Charlie Dríguez, Discos Pueblo) 3:55
06. Décima Muerte I & II (M. Bermejo/X. Villarriuta, SESAC) 4:35
07. Windmills of Your Mind (M. LeGrand/M. Gurría, ASCAP) 4:00
08. Cosecha (Mili Bermejo, SESAC) 5:34
09. No Dejo de Quererte (Mili Bermejo, SESAC) 4:06
10. Candombe para Gardel (Rubén Rada, AGADDU) 4:40
11. End of the Beginning (V. Ovsepian/H. Ayvazian, Fractal Limit) 6:32
12. Cambalache (E. Santos Discépolo, SADAIC) 3:08


A little gem, this recording is both daring in its spare intimacy and profound in its fearless, joyful execution.
Jon Garelick, Boston Globe (Best of 2016 List)

The paring of Bermejo’s arresting vocals and Greenspan’s equally compelling artistry on the double bass attains an uncommon level of pure virtuosity.
Mark Holston,

In their latest album, Bermejo and Greenspan are doing what they do best: taking us on a journey to the magical realm of “Arte del Dúo,” filling our hearts with melodical joy.
Agustín A. Rodríguez, Harvard Crimson

...the totality of its pleasures are unlike anything else you’re bound to hear these days.
Mike Greenblatt, The Classical Arts

...a fascinating, intimate album of unusual pieces, well performed.
Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

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